Post 1: The First Post

Let’s start from the beginning, a very good place to start –Richard Rodgers

It seems to me that all blogs should start with two posts. The first, being about the blog; the second being the blog itself. Seems like if you're going to write down your thoughts and post them online then you should at least preface it with an explanation as to why you are doing it in the first place

Everyone these days has a blog or a website and everyone knows how to use one. When I wrote my first blog it was me explaining how to even read a blog. That post was about the thoughts in my head that kept me awake.

 These thoughts would attach to my brain and chew until there was nothing left but a pain in the pit of my stomach and some mutilated fragment of the original thoughts. This blog is kind of like that. My second blog was probably my most successful in spite of the fact that it was a blog for a college class, it was about unknown, under-known, indie music. Ive since written for other sites, blogs, and publications about music and life and why the two things are the same.

This blog is also kind of like that.

When I built the new I thought I was going to use it as a portal for e-commerce. I thought I was going to use it as a place to sell things out of my shop without having to pay the man they call Ebay. That hasn’t panned out yet. Maybe soon, but not yet.

I took over Seann’s Anime and Comics in January and there's a lot to learn. I find myself explaining the minutia I regularly deal with to my customers and many of them don’t seem to realize how intricate the comics industry is. I know I didn’t even get it until I had to place an order with Diamond Comics. I find myself wanting people to know why things aren't always so simple, why prices that seem high are high, and why prices that seem low are low.

I find myself wanting people to see the cogs turn, the clockwork machinations roar to life, and see the shop run the way it runs. I thought about posting these thoughts to Facebook, but they will certainly be convoluted, meandering asides and random outbursts; these things seem better confined to a blog. This is a space where I can put my thoughts and have them proofread and checked, balanced and calibrated to make sense, and in some cases thrown away because they are unnecessary.

The point of this is simple: I want you to see the man behind the curtain that's pulling the strings. I want you to see the steam rise from the engine and I want you to know why. I will do my best to keep it simple even when things are not, I will endeavor to be witty -- especially in the face of things that require levity. Most of all, I will, in all things, do what I can to be completely honest in all things good bad or indifferent. I will not always tell you the whole story but the stories I tell will be real and factual from my experience. 

Kyle Northrop