Seann's Story


Kyle's Story

I knew my life was changed forever the first time I stepped into the busy streets of Akihabara, Japan in early 2010. I set out for new adventure and a chance to clear my head after finishing a Business Administration degree from University of Toledo, not knowing where my path in life would lead. 

The thought of starting over or continuing a lucrative, yet meaningless career held no interest, so I went into the world to try and find what was my motivation. 

The unique shops and stalls from one of the most famed retail centers in the world sparked an idea I couldn't let go: Toledo, lacked a true destination for anime and all things Japan. Sure, gaming and comic book shops fielded weak attempts at providing to the manga market, but I couldn't help but think that the dedicated consumers of Toledo deserved a specific store for a specific interest. 

I was told that a anime and manga-centric store would never fly in the on-the-rebound, rust belt city of Toledo. Skeptics never thought I'd find a location that wasn't a death sentence. The banks even laughed at the idea of a business loan for such a niche establishment. 

I didn't care. I would find a way to make my vision come true. In August of 2010 the original Seann's Anime & Comics opened in a small, yet comforting space on Monroe Street. I fast fostered a reputation for stellar customer service, an inviting atmosphere to shop, and a collection of some of the best and beloved merchandise this side of Tokyo. 

The store's following grew more than I could ever have expected, with the store moving to a larger location in 2013. We soon expanded services into gaming and even more comics, collectibles, toys, manga, and more. 

That tradition of quality service and an inviting storefront continue today, where I hope to give a place to shop and congregate to the community; a place where everyone from the biggest Japanophile to a family diving into the world of comics and games for the first time can all shop and have fun together. 

Always remember that your fandom has a home at Seann's Anime & Comics.